About Kora Press

KORA PRESS offers the following services:

Full editorial design

ISBN numbers


Lay-out design

Advice and counseling

Ghost Writing

Book publishing workshops

Print on Demand

Kora is a meditative journey around a mountain, stupa, temple or other sacred site.


Cost: $4.00

To receive a pdf, contact us: KoraPress@yahoo.com

Kora Press specializes in producing books with a spiritual or self-deveopment content. We encourage the production of books for, about and by women.

“Your work is invaluable and I cannot say enough about the assistance you are giving me.”        Zon Quewea, Author

“Quite simply, the book is mine and I love the layout, the font, the icons in the lists—each and every aspect of your layout has created an engaging and delicious book.”
Judith Pepper, author of The Age of Sage

“Joanna — you are a prosperity angel! Thanks so much for your guidance.”                                Judith Pepper, author of Prosperity Womantras

“The book is beautiful and your work far exceeds our expectation. Thank you.”                            Sherri Rosenthal (commenting on the book Anna’s Story by Anna Rosenthal, her mother-in-law)

“You’re amazingly wonderful. I truly love the way you’re transforming my book into what I dreamed it could be. You’re truly a genius. Thank you with every cell of my being.”

Mary Blake, author of Bye Bye Bad Karma