The Twin Flame Lover of China and Denmark


Defang Wan, known as Indigo DeDe, is a new, young, rising talented writer from China. She delights in inspiring and empowering people by being a writer, dancer and Reiki healer. Her spiritual journey began when she met her Twin Flame, Oskar…”


A Twin Flame is the other half of our soul who shares the same vibration with us and who matches our energy nbodies perfectly. We each have only one twin, known as the ultimate yin or the ultimate yang. It is said that we were split from each other a long, long time ago for the purpose of becoming highly enlightened beings before ascending together to The Source.

Humanity’s consciousness has been progressing so much during the last decades that as a result, more and more twin flames are meeting and reuniting with each other. However, due to the rare nature and the overwhelming intensity of this relationship, it can often be misunderstood as weird or even be seen as a catastrophe, as in most cases the two twins come from very different backgrounds and there will be many external differences and difficulties waiting for them to resolve before finally reuniting with each other.

In my experience, a true Twin Flame relationship will always serve as a divine, powerful force to propel both twins to reach the highest possible state of consciousness, which in turn will help them fulfill their mission and transform the planet we live on.

The divine reunion with our twin is believed to be one of the most blissful blessings we can have as a human. In order to make the soul’s dream come true, the Great Spirit often sets up many almost impossible obstacles and challenges in our lives, aiming to help us break the false and limited ideas about who we are and what we can achieve. Much soul-level work related to healing and evolving has to occur to prepare both twins to reach a high state of illumination before their final reunion.

Each twin is unique and special, and therefore their storylines and the backgrounds are meant to be different from each other’s. However, when it comes to the core center of all Twin Flame relationships, a similar shared dynamic pattern is clearly recognized.

I had the privilege and blessing of meeting my twin Oskar and experiencing the different stages of this very rare relationship from 2009 to 2016. This relationship has completely transformed me and brought many deep and profound changes into my life.

When I heard the inner call to write our story down, I decided to produce this book. I thank you deeply for being my dear reader. By sharing my journey with you, I hope you will find the courage and wisdom within you to pursue your dreams and realize your potential, to wake up to the light to fulfill your soul’s mission and live your life beautifully and meaningfully.

The six stages about this relationship that I describe at the beginning of each section describe my personal beliefs based on what I have read and experienced. The purpose of these descriptions is to share and guide the reader, but not to be conclusive; the Twin Flame experience may or may not apply to you.

Know that my spirit is with you.

Love and Light,

Defang Wan

(Indigo DeDe)

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